We can manufacture all of sizes with different finishes [...]
We can manufacture all of sizes with different finishes. We will also custom-produce loops and lengths to your specifications.


These can be used as an alternative to using tying wire. The wire loop ties can be bent around the reinforcement and then tied using the tying tool. Wire loop ties are available in four lengths. These ties are also available in 16 gauge (heavy duty) and PVC coating (for use with polymeric or epoxy coated steel).
1.6 x 150mm Galvanised
1.6 x 150mm Black Annealed
1.6 x 200mm Black Annealed
1.6 x 250mm Black Annealed
1.6 x 300mm Black Annealed
     Loop Wire Ties – Easy TwistDouble Loop Wire Ties are made of dead-soft annealed wire. Easy to twist and hard to break In addition to bar tying, looped wire ties have a variety of uses such as bagging and bundling. Available finishes are PVC, Black and Galvanized. Our wire ties will help you get the job done. Whether you are tying sandbags or rebar, our 16-gauge wire ties will make your job easier. Wire ties are often used on construction sites, warehouses, farms and in homes.

Wally Wire Twister

  • Heavy Duty Construction with Black Soft Grip Handle
  • Self Spring Return Action
  • Insert Hook Over Loop End on Wire, Pull Twister then Tool will Automatically Twist the Wire
  • Saves Time
  • Reduces Fatigue

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Wire tie hand tool

1.Bag Ties Tool for bing tie wire 2.For family and construction. 3.Use with bag ties together. 4.Hand tying tool manufacturer

Soft Annealed Coppered Tying Wire is also known as double loop wire ties, Rebar Ties, Rebar Loop Ties, Double Loop Ties, loop binding wire,etc. We can supply you with galvanized double loop wire ties, black double loop wire ties, pvc double loop wire ties, copper coated loop wire ties and ss loop wire ties.Double loop tie wire is available in length from 4 ” to 24″. Most used in garden,building for tie wire, it’s easy to use.
  • Standard Diameter: 16ga to 20gaStandard Lengths: 3″ up to 44″
  • Packaging : 5,000/roll  4,000/roll  2,500/roll ,2000/roll,1,000/roll Rolls packed by woven bag then with pallet.Note: Other specifications,material or packing form are available.
  • Features: Dead-soft annealed wire – pliable, yet tough; easy to twist, but hard to break. PVC Coated /Galvanized Annealed/Coppered with added protection against corrosion, salt or abrasives. 

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