Annealed stainless steel tying wire Grade 304, annealed [...]

Annealed stainless steel tying wire

Grade 304, annealed stainless steel tying wire (or lacing wire) can be used in many applications for tying stainless steel reinforcing bar, forming for garden and architectural sculptures, lacing around insulation products or for joining stainless steel fencing and meshes. Widely used by artists and sculptors this wire can also be referred to as stainless steel sculpting wire. For these types of application, the product bends easily, is long lasting and aesthetically pleasing and easy to cut. Standard stainless steel tying wire coil is sized at approximately 15 or 20 kilos. The length will vary but will yield approximately as follows: 0.56 = 10000 metres (20kg) 0.8mm = 4950 metres (20kg) 0.9mm = 4800 metres (20kg) 1.0mm = 3100 metres (15kg) 1.2mm = 2100 meters (20kg) 1.6mm  = 1250 metres (15kg) We can also make 1.2mm=21m    1.7mm=10m   We are also able to supply smaller 1 kg coils. Stainless steel is designed to be a long lasting durable product ideal for outdoor use, for areas that are close to the sea or at risk of corrosion 316 gives added corrosion preventing benefits. For a lower cost option we can also supply Galvanised wire which is carbon steel wire with a zinc coating to give it protection

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