PVC Coated Weld Mesh Border Fencing 1.2m high x 10m lon [...]

PVC Coated Weld Mesh Border Fencing

1.2m high x 10m long roll of green PVC coated steel weld mesh garden fencing manufactured from 1.7mm diameter galvanised wire (2.2mm when coated) that has a unique crimped wire for additional strength. The green mesh fencing is PVC coated providing a further level of rust protection and a colour suitable for garden fencing and in and around allotment areas. Often referred to as PVC coated Holland Mesh or Eurofence, the mesh is a fantastic and strong option for those garden borders, hedgerows, pet control areas and amenity fencing. Green PVC coated weld mesh garden fencing mesh is available on 1200mm x 10m rolls making it an cost-effective solution for even the smallest of garden applications. The fencing is made by welded the wire to form the characteristic 50mm x 100mm rectangular mesh apertures (2″x4″ inches) – The holes sizes at the top and bottom get small for extra rigidity (top row is 50mmx25mm). The PVC Holland meshes crimped design provides additional strength by providing rigidity. The steel wire core diameter is 1.6mm which is welded, galvanised and encapsulated in a green PVC plastic coating which makes the mesh attractive and corrosion resistant.

Uses for Green PVC Coated Steel Weld Mesh:

  • Garden Fences
  • Dog proofing & Pet enclosures
  • Borders and perimeter fencing
  • Hedgerow borders and garden separation fences

Features &Benefits:

  • 2.2mm dia. green PVC coated welded wire mesh
  • 1.7mm dia. glavanised steel wire core
  • Holland mesh style fencing with crimped wires for additional strength
  • Easy to install to timber fencing posts using U-nail / fencing staples

Mesh roll dimensions

  • 1.2m x 10m rolls (Approx. 4ft wide roll)
  • Rectangular mesh holes are 100mm x 50mm / 4″ x 2″ (inches)
  • 1.7mm diameter wire before PVC plastic coating (2.2mm after)
Green PVC Holland border fencing mesh is also supplied a 1mtr wide roll height. We also stock a large range of fencing staples and u-nails, fencing line wire and other PVC and galvanised welded wire mesh.

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