Welded gabions retaining wall are popular in architectu [...]

Welded gabions retaining wall are popular in architectural applications

Welded gabions retaining wall are used in demanding engineering and geotechnical applications welded gabions are popular in architectural applications, or low height structures where there is minimal risk of differential settlement. The philosophy of the Welded gabion is similar to our woven units; our welded gabion units consist of panels of quality welded wire mesh, secured together to form a gabion unit, which is filled on site with gabion stone to form the appropriate structure. Architectural and landscaping are popular uses for these units, as they have a formal appearance when filled correctly with quality stone. Our welded mesh gabion units have been successfully used within free standing retaining walls, cladding and other features within the built environment.As with all gabion solutions, they have to be designed to meet the requirements of the project. Welded mesh gabion units should not be used in watercourses due to the risk of differential settlement.\Superdura welded gabion baskets are a type of rectangular baskets composed of rugged welded wire mesh panels. Welded gabion is commomly made from galfan wire or PVC wire. It has the same flexibility as woven gabion basket, thus, even winter freeze and thaw conditions have little impact to its structure. Meanwhile, Superdura welded gabion basket features greater strength and better shape control – don’t bulge out when filled with stone. It is ideal for retaining earth and controlling soil erosion even; meanwhile, Superdura can provide a neater and more pleasing appearance to your projects.

Benefits of Superdura

Superdura welded gabion baskets feature high strength and better shape control so that they can be hoisted even filled with heavy rocks.
Durable structureAll of our Superdura welded gabion baskets are made of quality high tensile wire rods which are drawn to exact gauge and precious welded by computer controlled machines to create strong durable structures. Moreover, stainless steel or copper gabion is also available upon your request.Better shape controlSuperdura welded gabion baskets can hold their shape better than woven gabion. Meanwhile, performed corner stiffeners that connect adjacent vertical panels add stiffness effectively.Utmost corrosion resistanceSuperdura features 99% pure zinc coating or Zn-Al coating (Galfan coating) which is precious plated after welding; meanwhile, PVC coating can also be applied to galvanized Superdura when higher corrosion protection, UV resistance and bright colors are demanded, such as areas subjected to saltwater. In addition, wide ranges of colors are available to blend well with surrounding landscapes.Easy to assembleWelded gabion baskets, shipped flat with hinged panels generally, is easy to fold up and assemble on construction site just using spiral joints – no need of skilled workers or power equipment. Meanwhile, other mounting accessories such as hog rings, clips and hook also are also usable as shown in the following pictures:

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