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Nowadays, many of the large edge-of-town retail developments, commercial blocks and the distribution warehouses have their ground floor slabs (and mezzanine slabs) constructed using concrete containing steel fibres. These are often added to the truck-mixer on site (by means of a conveyor or blasting machine) along with a generous addition of super-plasticiser to provide the workability needed to place it.



Material:High Quality wire
Diameter:0.50mm, 0.55mm, 0.75mm,0.90mm,1.00mm
Packing: 20kgs/bag ,1.25T/bulk bag
Type: Hooked End Loose, Hooked End Glued ,Dumbbell-Shaped Fiber
Most popular is hooked end loose

Fibre dosages are typically in the range 30 to 40 kg/m³. Typically costing about £1 to £1.25 per kg, the addition of steel fibres makes the treated concrete quite expensive. However, compared to the cost of buying conventional steel mesh reinforcement and the associated storage, cutting, placing, etc., it usually works out to be quite competitively priced for the contractor and/or the client.
* Even distribution
* Strength no less than 1000 Mpa
* High bonging strength due to hooked-end
* Economical
* Good water solubility of glued steel fiber
Advantages of steel fiber reinforced concrete
* Improved fatigue strength and impact resistance
* Improved seismic resistance and durability
* Reduced brittleness and improved toughness
* Increased bending and shear strength
* Even distribution of glued steel fiber and easy to mix
* More cost effective because of reduced concrete thickness compared to
 Conventional concrete.
* More economical and efficient because of easy construction.
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